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ATTENTION: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT September 20, 2012 URGENT:  The Spence Law Firm, LLC has been notified that we may have not received some attempted emails or online contacts by visitors to our website.  Apparently an error or malfunction in our website email contact page(s) has prevented us from receiving emails and online contact submissions through the website.  We were unaware of this problem so we may have failed to respond to some attempted contacts to our office.  If you have recently attempted to contact our office and have not received a response, please recontact us immediately by emailing [email protected] (please note there is NO "nd" in our email address) or phone 1-800-967-2117.  We apologize for any delay in... Read more
Personal Injury Case Settled Against Drilling Company September 5, 2012 Kent W. Spence and Grant H. Lawson of The Spence Law Firm, LLC, recently settled a personal injury case against Precision Drilling Company LP (formally known as Grey Wolf Drilling Company, LP).  A Wyoming worker, Darrell Jent, who suffered severe and permanent injuries when he was catapulted off a falling derrick, has agreed to a confidential settlement with Precision Drilling Company. The Spence Firm had filed the injured worker’s lawsuit in Wyoming federal district court. The suit alleged that the A-leg bolts attaching the A-leg to the derrick had been loosened by the Defendant’s employees and were not properly reattached and tightened. One of the legs came lose during the... Read more
Prairie Public brings Embedded Radio Reporting from the Oil Patch and Man Camps in the Bakken August 1, 2012 Through embedded radio reporting from an oil patch and “man camps” in North Dakota, Black Gold Boom: How Oil Changed North Dakota catalyzes discussion about the local and national impacts of the region’s rush to drill. The show is produced by independent producer Todd Melby and brought to you by Prairie Public. For more information on Prairie Public click here: For more information on Black Gold Boom: How Oil Changed North Dakota click here:... Read more
Middle School Student Falls 25 feet from Zip Line at Grand Targhee Resort May 24, 2012 Mel C. Orchard of The Spence Law Firm, LLC, on behalf of an Afton couple, has filed a civil lawsuit against Grand Targhee Resort and Action Integrated Management after their son was improperly secured to a zip line before he fell 25 feet to the ground. The young boy was one of 17 middle school students attending a summer program at Grand Targhee Resort in 2008. According to the complaint, the employee who took the reservation neglected to properly record it or to notify Action Integrated Management that there was a group intending to use the course. As a result, when the group arrived there were not enough people to operate the course.  A resort employee improperly pressured an Action... Read more
North Dakota No. 5 Most Dangerous State in the Nation for Workers May 18, 2012 North Dakota is changing. The Bakken Oil boom has created an influx of jobs in oil drilling and the construction industry. The increase of activity in these industries also leads to an increase of workplace injuries and fatalities, bringing North Dakota to the No. 5 most dangerous state in the nation for workers. On April 25, 2012 The Bureau of Labor Statistics released new findings from the 2010 census of fatal occupational injuries. According to this report, North Dakota was 1 out of 28 states that saw an increase in fatal workplace injuries in 2010. For more information on fatal occupational injuries in the United States, please see... Read more

If you or a loved one has been injured or worse, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact the North Dakota Personal Injury Attorneys of the Spence Law Firm, LLC today for a free consultation.

With over 60 years of experience bring negligent companies, individuals, and governments to justice, The North Dakota Personal Injury Attorneys at the Spence Law Firm know that this is a difficult time for you. We know it’s important that your story gets told the right way, by attorneys who know the law and understand what you’re going through.

No recovery, no fee. We work on contingency, meaning that if we don’t get you financial compensation, we do not get paid. We use all our legal experience as well as our network of medical professionals, analysts, and consultants to put together the strongest case possible for you and your family.

We understand that this is a trying time, and that your family needs answers and peace of mind, which is why we offer completely free, no obligation consultations with one of our experienced North Dakota Personal Injury Attorneys. Give us a call today 800-967-2117.

We work across North Dakota and the country fighting for the rights of those wrongfully injured or killed. There is no case that is too big, or too small, for us to take on. We want to see those responsible brought to justice, and to make the world a better, safer place than it was. That’s our mission, and we promise to work diligently in the pursuit of justice. Over the past 6 decades we’ve helped individuals and families alike with Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Industrial and Auto Accident and many other claims get the justice and compensation they deserved. We’ve taken on some of the largest corporations in our pursuit of justice, and won.

Choosing a Personal Injury in North Dakota can be challenging, but could be the most important decision you make if you or a loved one has been injured or killed. The Spence Law Firm has a long standing track record of success, a network of expert consultants, and some of the best attorneys in the country. Give us a call today and find out why we’re different 800-967-2117.

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