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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Case Filed Against Apartment Complex

Tyson E. Logan, of The Spence Law Firm, LLC, has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of a Casper woman who was poisoned by carbon monoxide gas in her apartment as she slept.  The suit alleges the woman suffered a traumatic brain injury in her apartment when the furnace or the ventilation system leaked.  Firefighters and investigators that responded to the scene found carbon monoxide levels of 500 parts per million inside the Casper apartment.  The exposure to the carbon monoxide caused the woman a permanent traumatic brain injury.

According to the complaint, the apartment complex owners or management knew the furnaces were in need of repair or replacement, and at least one had leaked carbon monoxide in dangerous levels less than a year before the woman was poisoned.  The suit alleges that despite such knowledge, the defendants, in reckless disregard for the safety of the tenants, did nothing to improve the furnaces or protect their tenants.

The complaint and demand for a jury trial in Wyoming Federal District Court seeks compensatory damages, and punitive damages to punish the defendants’ willfull and wanton disregard for the safety of the apartment complex tenants.

The case, Lompe v. Sunridge Partners, LLC, et al., Case No. 2:12-cv-00088-ABJ, is filed in the United States District Court for the District of Wyoming, and is pending before Judge Alan B. Johnson.

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