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Kent W. Spence and Grant H. Lawson of The Spence Law Firm, LLC, recently settled a personal injury case against Precision Drilling Company LP (formally known as Grey Wolf Drilling Company, LP).  A Wyoming worker, Darrell Jent, who suffered severe and permanent injuries when he was catapulted off a falling derrick, has agreed to a confidential settlement with Precision Drilling Company. The Spence Firm had filed the injured worker’s lawsuit in Wyoming federal district court.

The suit alleged that the A-leg bolts attaching the A-leg to the derrick had been loosened by the Defendant’s employees and were not properly reattached and tightened. One of the legs came lose during the lowering of the derrick, causing the derrick to crash down, which destroyed the drilling rig. At the time the Plaintiff was working as a consultant on the drilling operation and did not know the A-leg was loose. As he was … Read more