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Making a difference in North Dakota

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We push to create real, positive change in each and every case.
Putting safety first saves lives. The Spence Law Firm is committed to the goal of making North Dakota communities safer.

Making A Difference

North Dakota is changing. Industry is bringing new jobs and opportunities; and the economy is booming. Jobs and opportunities are good things.  Industrial disasters, work site accidents, trucking and highway accidents are not.  Disasters affect all of us. The people of North Dakota need trial lawyers who know the industry and know the West.  The Spence Law Firm is a unique law firm that has the experience and the expertise to fight for you, no matter how difficult the fight or how powerful the opponent.  With the boom from the Bakken oilfield, we have seen changes in North Dakota very similar to what Wyoming has experienced in the past.  We stand committed to protecting the safety of workers, and the safety of the communities of North Dakota.

We are a small group of trial lawyers that know the industry and the West, we will give you answers and we will protect your rights. Committed to making communities safer, we put people first.  We represent clients in serious personal injury and wrongful death cases, one at a time, but with each case we strive to make change in our communities. We push to create real, positive change in each and every case.

This means that if we represent you or your family because a company or government was negligent or reckless, we will fight for full and fair compensation for the harms and losses you have suffered; and at the same time we will fight to ensure that the defendant (and others like it) change their ways to protect us all from a similar accident.

We advocate for worker safety at the state and national level by backing public awareness campaigns and by advocating for people’s rights through legislation. read more about LAW and SAFER

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