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“When it comes to dealing with oil & gas companies, it is good to know what you don’t know. Don’t sign until you get legal advice.”


The Spence Law Firm, together with other nationally renowned law firms across the country, have joined forces to provide representation to American landowners entitled to royalty payments from oil and gas developers who currently lease or are considering leasing the mineral rights on private lands.

In this time of economic boom, many landowners are being approached by oil and gas developers and asked to sign new leases, update old leases, or sign any number of ratifications, addendums or additions to currently existing mineral rights leases.  Landowners deserve to know what rights they have before they sign anything, and we can help you do the right thing for you, your family, and your land.

If you are a landowner with mineral rights in North Dakota we can help you understand what rights you have before you sign or modify any contract or lease with oil and gas developers.

New Leases

Mineral owners are at a disadvantage when dealing with landmen for oil companies.  The landmen represent the oil companies – not the mineral owners.  While information about how to negotiate a lease is available on the internet, each geographic area and each parcel of land is unique in terms of geology, water resources and surface impacts.  Working with experienced oil and gas lawyers is the best way to protect your property rights, maximize the revenues from leasing your property, and feel comfortable doing the right thing for your land and your family.

Existing Leases

Is your oil and gas lease still valid or do you have the ability to negotiate a new lease on better terms and in ways that better protect your property rights?  Mineral owners can go for years believing that they must accept what the oil and gas companies are paying them and how their property is used.  Having your lease reviewed by experienced oil and gas lawyers who represent your interests can result in more income to you.

If you currently lease your mineral rights, and you wonder if you are earning a fair royalty, you may be entitled to more royalty percentages.  If the oil and gas company has not fulfilled its obligations to produce, explore, develop or protect your property according to your lease, it may be possible to renegotiate the terms of your bonus and royalty percentages.  We may be able to help you negotiate better royalty and bonus values for you and your family.

Surface Rights and Property Sales

If you own land that is used for oil and gas activities, such as roads and pipelines, you may be entitled to additional compensation.  Experienced oil and gas lawyers can help you evaluate what your rights are as a property owner and if you are entitled to additional compensation.

If you are selling or buying property where mineral rights are currently leased or proposed to be leased, we can help you understand your rights to ensure royalty agreements or surface damage agreements are fair and enforceable.

If you are a landowner who owns mineral rights in the West or anywhere in America and have been approached by oil and gas developers for any purpose, you should get legal advice before you sign anything.  Contact us to see if we can help.

If you have questions pertaining to your mineral rights or need counsel, The Spence Law Firm can hold the most powerful corporation accountable and fight for the compensation you need.  To learn more about The Spence Law Firm’s expertise, and whether we can help you, please contact us or call today (800) 967-2117.

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