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oil/gas/mining accidents

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Workers and contractors at oil and gas fields and refining/processing plants, and at industrial mines, are exposed to some of the most hazardous and dangerous work conditions possible.

Gas fields and plants, and surface and underground mines present serious dangers to employees and contractors at industrial plants and on mine property.  We have decades of experience with these types of industrial workplace accidents from coast to coast, and we work regularly in the West in Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, Utah, and Idaho.  If you have been seriously hurt in a mine disaster or mining accident, or in an oil and gas accident, you need experienced attorneys to fight for your rights.

In order to capitalize on profits, workers in oil and gas fields and mines are sometimes forced to work long, strenuous hours in dangerous conditions.  Too often, corporations put pressure on workers to move quickly and cut corners, creating unsafe environments.  In these dangerous environments the possibility of being injured by heavy equipment is high, especially if safety regulations are ignored.  The Spence Law Firm has experience standing up for workers who are injured in these kinds of circumstances.

Heavy equipment such as drilling rigs, platforms, drilling equipment, haul trucks, scoops, shuttle cars, in-plant railroads and trains, continuous miners, draglines, conveyors, percussion drills, and other hazards like high walls, mine collapses, and oxygen deprivation, present serious threats to individuals working at and around oil and gas fields, plants, and mines.  Oil and gas accidents and mining accidents implicate complex legal issues that require specialized attorneys who have both the experience and the resources to go up against powerful oil & gas corporations and mining corporations.

Unfortunately, sometimes government regulations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other agencies are not enough.  We have fought for injured workers who have been hurt and killed in dangerous oil and gas field and plant accidents.  Both in our home state of Wyoming and throughout the West, we have extensive experience and expertise taking on the giants of the oil and gas industry.  The Spence Law Firm has also represented individuals injured and killed in all types of mines, from underground trona mines to surface coal mines, across the United States.  We have obtained substantial verdicts and settlements for clients in all kinds of industrial accidents involving oil and gas and mining issues, including:

*the family of a miner who was killed in a rail switching yard at a trona mine in Wyoming;

*a contract worker who was severely burned at a gas refining plant while performing cleaning operations during a shutdown / turnaround at the plant;

*the family of drilling rig worker who was killed on the stabbing board of a drilling rig, when an intoxicated driller dropped the casing elevators, crushing the young man between the rig and the stabbing board.

If you have been hurt in an industrial oil or gas accident, or a mining accident, The Spence Law Firm can hold the most powerful corporation accountable and fight for the compensation you need.  To learn more about The Spence Law Firm’s expertise, and whether we can help you with your case, please contact us or call today (800) 967-2117.

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